Industry Academia Consortium for Smart Manufacturing

An introductory course on Cyber Physical Production Systems | Smart Manufacturing Workshop | Consortium also accepts support for its research activities under CSR initiatives of industries. please contact us for more details.


The consortium aims at developing pathways for digital engagement that the industries can consider to transform themselves into highly efficient digitally-enabled and intelligent manufacturing businesses. The consortium provides a platform for industries and academia to share thoughts and learning; identify problems and develop solutions for realization of smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0.


  1. Digitalization assessment
  2. Identifying the exact needs for digitalization and intelligence for industries
  3. Developing customized solutions for digitalization for industries based on the identified needs
  4. Implementation smart manufacturing solutions in industries
  5. Development of new research in the area of smart manufacturing
  6. Demonstration of smart manufacturing concepts and solutions in laboratory environment
  7. Knowledge dissemination through workshops/short-term courses/conferences
  8. Training and mentoring of manpower/students
  9. Mentoring of academic institutes for smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0 related activities/projects/ curriculum etc.


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  • An introductory course on Cyber Physical Production Systems Details